Exclusive MICA Dual-Production Event: Recap & Photos

Read up on our most recent theater experience!

UChicago Alumni and Friends gathered at MICA to watch the dual-production of Blackbird and Jailbait, directed by UChicago alumnus Christopher Shipley, PhD'84 (English Language and Literature) and performed by Rivals of the West Theatre Company. 

Jailbait by Deirdre O’Connor was about two young girls who meet with two older men at a nightclub and the start of a brief but exciting relationship between Robert and Claire. The play befuddled the emotions of the audience, as they tried to compromise their sympathy for Robert’s search for connection and the awareness of the couple’s age difference. 

Blackbird by David Harrower was a turbulent exploration of romance and resentment between Ray, an older man, and Una, a woman with whom Ray was intimate with at the age of 12. To say the play was “shocking” is an understatement. The characters challenged the audience to define what is appropriate in a passionate relationship deemed criminal by society.



Photos courtesy of Elisabet Pujadas (AB ‘09)